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Protecting your intellectual property is very vital in this harsh business world. Filing trademark will allow you to secure your product and services from identity theft. This service includes filing of trademark application.

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Benefits that are yielded by choosing this service are numerous as mentioned below

Legal protection

Trademark registered entity will be protected from fake sellers and products by way of legal suit.

Adds reputation to the organisation

Brand registration brings out a more valuable asset to the company by creating a visibility and differentiation among the public.

Easy expansion of business

Trademark registered entity have an option to opt for franchising model thus creating a expansion for the business.

Documents Required

List of Documents that are required to proceed with this service package are


Applicant’s name (Individual/Other person)


Copy of PAN card of the business entity


Name of the brand along with a logo in JPEG format


Nature of business


Business objectives


Date of first use of the brand in dd/mm/yyyy format


Registration address with pin code

What is Trademark?

A trademark may be a graphic sort of a visible symbol which represents a business brand and distinguishes the identity with other traders. it's going to be within the sort of a logo, signature, name, label, word, letters, numerals, shapes etc. Trademark symbolise the identity of the business so company decides it after making research to form the trademark unique and attractive. Being an intangible or property , it's wont to differ products or services from other similar products or services generated by a separate organisation.

Though trademark isn't compulsory by the law or government, Yet It symbolises the brand, identity & Quality of a firm.

When can a Trademark not be registered?

Trademark alleged to be an asset of a corporation . So a trademark similar or copied from other organization won't be registered. so it shouldn't be similar or copied from other companies. aside from this, a trademark which is illusory, offensive, identical, containing prohibited elements etc. can't be registered by the Law.

Why to register a Trademark?

Being a crucial asset, it must be registered to limit the opposite business owners to use your own business identity. It protects the corporate rights or Investments which it had invested during a Brand or Logo. An example are often highlighted with the assistance of giant companies like siemens, Apple, Pepsi and Coca-Cola belonging to same industry yet signifying separate brand. Likewise, we will find numerous samples of live companies bearing trademark as a brand like LG, Godrej etc. Trademark, as a business identity, distinguish a corporation with other companies a brand. Once registered, company get recognition by trademark, along side the business name. Trademark serves a badge, brand, quality, loyalty, goodwill statement.

How to register a Trademark?

Registering a trademark doesn't consist complicated procedures, just to follow the straightforward procedures. Trademarks are registered under the trademark act, 1999 by the controller general of patents design and trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India to sue the opposite traders just in case of infringements of company trademarks.

Who can apply for registration of Trademark?

Any individual, proprietor, company, partnership firm, a legal entity can apply for the registration of the trademark and may use symbol ‘TM’ till the registration is approved. Once trademark gets registered, the corporate may start using ® after getting certification. the entire process may take up to 2 year or 18-24 months. Registered trademark is valid for 10 years which must be renewed later.
A trademark may be a guarantee of service, products, quality, and advertisement. So should be taken care of misusing an equivalent . Trademark shouldn't be almost like others.

Documents required filing an application to register a Trademark?

To file a trademark application, one need to attach the following documents:-

  1. Trademark or logo copy,
  2. Applicant details - Name, address proof, Nationality proof
  3. Company details,
  4. Products or services which are to be registered
  5. A signed copy of the Power of attorney on a 100Rs. Stamp Paper
  6. First date of using the trademark before getting or applying for registration

The company may perform the work on its own or through personal representative owned by the corporate . it's going to also delegate the work to some experienced consulting company having expertise in Registration work.

The process of Trademark and its Registration?

As we mentioned, Trademark is that the visual form which is typically taken as Logo of a corporation . A logo is meant through a Graphic Designer or any Photoshop maker but one should follow the strict guidelines before designing a logo. a corporation must carry a search through trademark agent to verify the similarity of the trademark. These agents check the trademark office to make sure the credibility of the trademark or never registered by another company. This verification are often done through any mode I.e., online verification & offline verification. One may adopt both the procedures to double make sure the accuracy and uniqueness.

Once trademark verified through trusted resources, Company may go further. within the case of duplicity, it must catch on re-design again and can need to conduct an equivalent research again till exclusive trademark found. Once uniqueness achieved, Company or representative must require drafting an application along side the requisite documents. After filing an application, the corporate may use ‘™’ till the approval received.

Once the appliance reached to Trademark office, they're going to check the info to avoid duplicacy. within the case of duplicate application, last application are often rejected. Otherwise, the mentioned trademark are going to be published in Trademarks Journal for 4 months to see any voice raised against the said trademark. If anyone creates objection, Trademark are going to be in issue for hearings till the difficulty get resolved. Once all the clarifications received from legal sides, Trademark are often sent for registration and can be approved within 6 months. Application status are often checked or reviewed online through application number assigned to the trademark owner.

Trademark being an property and intangible holds a crucial place in business for a minimum of 10 years which is to be renewed after 10 years. a corporation may renew an equivalent trademark or can apply for the new trademark while following an equivalent process mentioned above.

Trademark registering firms usually have their qualified staff who adhere the entire process responsibilities on behalf of the corporate with a particular amount of consulting fee or charges. Hearing charges, reply charges (in a case of opposition filed), could also be separate aside from the Trademark registration charges. choose the experienced personal representative or trademark consulting company to handle the entire registration process till approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of typical questions that you might ask regarding this particular service are

Any Individual Person, Company, NGO, and even a Govt. agency can apply for Trademark.

Business name, brand name , logo, slogan, product name, website domain name can be trademarked.

Basically, registering person has to do a Trademark search to check whether such name to be registered is already taken by others or is closely similar to existing trademarks in trademark database.

Government Fees for each trademark application is Rs. 4,500.

You can use (TM) mark as soon as the Trademark application is filed and a acknowledgement receipt is received. But, (R) mark can be used only after the trademark is registered.

To put it simple, class generally means business segment. There are around 45 classes in Trademark, and they are divided into 3 categories. Class 1 to 34 - Manufacturing, Class 35 - Trading, Class 35 to 45- Services. One should select their exact applicable classification, as wrong classification may lead to wrong application thereby wasting time and money.

Registered Trademark will be live unless it is withdrawn by the registered person or it expiry of 10 years from the date of registration. For every 10 years the trademark has to be renewed again.

A trademark could also be a distinctive sign or indicator which is employed by a private or any entity to represent the products and services manufactured and marketed by that party a Trademark may be anything from a word, symbol, letter, sound, smell or shape which distinguishes the products and services covered thereunder from that of other third parties.

In the commercial market, where a consumer has innumerable options and alternatives to settle on any goods or services, a trademark acts as a tool to differentiate goods and services from different manufacturers or service providers. Meaning thereby, a trademark helps consumers to spot a product or service as originating from a specific manufacturer or service provider among the competition that exists within the market.

A trademark plays a pivotal role in retaining and maintaining existing consumer base, while attracting new consumers, and ensuring internal control in providing goods and services. Thus, a trademark is a crucial aspect for recognition, growth & development of a business. Therefore, protection of rights of trademark is of utmost importance for such businesses. this enables the trademark owner to guard and enforce their rights, thereby safeguarding their reputation and goodwill, and to stop third parties from illegally trading upon the goodwill and reputation of the brand accrued over the years.

The first step, so as to realize the above is to urge the trademark registered. There are many benefits of registration of a trademark, including but not limited to having prerogative to use said mark, and prohibiting third parties from using said trademark, without prior permission of the owner. Further, registration of a trademark protects the owner against any use of the trademark or a deceptively similar trademark by a 3rd party, and allows the owner to enjoy the advantages of the popularity related to said trademark. Moreover, registration of a trademark provides a legal identification to a business and therefore the products / services related to it.

A trademark, once registered, gives exclusive rights to the registered proprietor for a period of 10 years from the date on which application for registration of the trademark is filed. Thereafter, the said proprietor may renew the registration for further periods of 10 years till perpetuity.

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