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Start up India Registration

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  • Startup Registration can be completed in India online with Gainme. Register a startup company in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and any city in India
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According to the revised statement that turned into posted on twenty third May 2017, an organisation might be taken into consideration as a Startup: if it's miles included in India as a personal constrained company (as described withinside the Companies Act, 2013) or registered as a partnership corporation (registered below segment fifty nine of the Partnership Act, 1932) or a constrained legal responsibility partnership (below the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008); and for ten years from the date of its incorporation/ registration; in any case, as a consequence of Startups withinside the biotechnology division, the length might be so long as 10 years from the date of its incorporation/ registration; and if its annual turnover for any of the economic years considering incorporation/ registration has now no longer passed Rs. one hundred crores; and if that it's miles running withinside the path of innovation, improvement or development of gadgets or strategies or services, or if that it's miles a scalable commercial enterprise version with a excessive functionality of employment technology or wealth creation. An organisation created via way of means of splitting up or reconstruction of present trade will now no longer be taken into consideration a 'Startup'.

Required Documents

gainme services

Incorporation certificate of Company/LLP or Registration Certificate of Partnership firm

gainme services


gainme services

MSME Certificate

gainme services

Letter of Recommendation or support by Incubator

gainme services

Description of business and details as to innovative nature of business

Required Documents

Incorporation certificate of Company/LLP or Registration Certificate of Partnership firm


MSME Certificate

Letter of Recommendation or support by Incubator

Description of business and details as to innovative nature of business

Frequently Asked Question

What are the supporting documents to be uploaded while making online portal of Startup India?

Following documents are to be submitted with online application which should be in PDF format as below:-

  • A letter of recommendation or support which could be from any of the following:
    • Recommendation letter from an Incubator established in PG College in India in format prescribed by DIPP describing innovative nature of business OR
    • A letter of support by an incubator, which is funded by Government of India as part of any specified scheme to promote innovation OR
    • Recommendation Letter from an Incubator recognized by Government of India in a prescribed format by DIPP describing innovative nature of business OR
    • A letter of funding of minimum 20% in equity, by any Incubation Fund/Angel Fund/Private Equity Fund/Accelerator/Angel Network, who is registered under SEBI OR
    • A letter of funding by Government of India or any State Government as part of any specified scheme to promote innovation OR
    • A patent filed and published in the Journal by the Indian Patent Office in areas affiliated with the nature of the business being promoted
  • Certificate of Incorporation of Company/LLP or Registration Certificate in case of partnership deed
  •  A detailed description of business describing innovative nature of the business

What are the eligibility requirements for being recognized as a startup by DIPP?

To get recognized as a Start-up under the Startup India Scheme, a business entity must fulfill the following conditions:

  • The business must be incorporated as a Private Limited Company or LLP or Partnership firm for  a period up to 10 years from the date of incorporation
  • Turnover of the entity for any of the financial years since incorporation has not exceeded Rs. 100 Crores
  • The entity is working towards innovation, development or improvement of products or processes or services, or if it is a scalable business model with a high potential employment generation or wealth creation
    Provided that an entity formed by splitting up or reconstruction of an existing business shall not be considered as a “Startup”

Can an existing company register itself as a startup on the Startup India Portal?

Yes, an existing entity that meets the criteria as indicated in definition of startup can register itself on startup india portal

Is partnership firm eligible for benefits under Startup India Scheme?

Yes, Partnership firm is eligible for all the benefits except tax exemptions available to startups recognized by DIPP.

Whether the registration on StartupIndia website and DIPP recognized startups same?

DIPP recognition for startups is different from registration on Startup India website. To avail the benefits of Startup India Scheme, the entity must be registered under Startup India Scheme provided by DIPP. Only creating the account on Startup India website does not amount to recognition by DIPP.

If at the time of application, I have selected as


What are the tax benefits available to startups recognized by DIPP as startup?

Income tax Exemption

After obtaining the recognition as a “Startup” from DIPP, a business entity (Pvt. Ltd. Co./LLP) incorporated on or after 1-4-2016 but before 1-04-2021 can apply for tax exemptions u/s 80IAC of Income Tax Act. After review of application and documents, if deem fit, the department will issue a Tax Exemption Certificate to the Start-up which will allow tax exemption for 3 consecutive financial years out of first 10 years from the date of incorporation.

Angel Tax Exemption

The startup (Pvt. Ltd. Co.) recognized by DIPP shall be eligible to avail angel tax benefits (tax on share premium) from the funds received as angel investment u/s 56(2)(viib) of Income Tax Act. However, such exemption shall be allowed for investment made by angel investors up to an aggregate investment of Rs. 25 Crores.

What are the other statutory benefits provided by the Government of India for startups recognized by DIPP?

Self Certification

Startups (Pvt. Ltd. Co./LLP/Partnership) recognized by DIPP will be permitted to self-certify compliance with 6 Labour Laws and 3 Environmental Laws for 5 years from the date of incorporation. In case of Labour Laws, no inspection shall be conducted for a period of such 5 years.

Rebates in patent filing fees

Startups recognized by DIPP shall enjoy a rebate of 80% on patent applications filed by them. Further, patents filed by such startups shall be examined on a fast track basis. The Government shall bear the entire fees of Facilitators for any number of Patents, Trademarks or Designs filed by start-up. Hence Startups will have to bear the cost of Statutory Fees only.

Easy Winding Up

Startup entities registered with MCA i.e. Pvt. Ltd. Co./ LLP shall be wound up on a fast track basis within 90 days of filing an application for insolvency.

Easy access to Government Tenders

Requirements of Government tenders related to minimum experience/ turnover shall not apply to a recognized startup. Further, they shall be exempted from submitting Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) while filing government tenders.

Fund of Funds for startups

DIPP has proposed to provide Rs. 10,000 crore for startups through fund of funds initiative. SIDBI shall provide funds to startups approved by Implementing Agencies.

Opportunity to list product on Government e-marketplace

Startups recognized under DIPP can register on Government e-Marketplace as a seller and sell their products and services directly to Government Entities.

Step By Step Procedure Of Start Up Registration


Step-I :

Incorporate the business entity as a Private Limited Company/ LLP/ Partnership Firm following the prescribed procedures in respective laws.


Obtain PAN and MSME Registration for the business;


Login to website at and file application with supporting documents. (Refer FAQs for supporting documents)


Answer whether you would like to avail tax benefits

Startups are exempted from Income tax for 3 years but to avail the benefits, they must be certified by Inter Ministerial Board (IMB). However, Startups recognized by DIPP can now directly avail IPR related benefits without additional certification from IMB.


Self certification for the following conditions:

  1. The Startup must be registered as a Pvt. Ltd. Co./LLP/Partnership Firm;
  2. The business must not be older than 5 years;
  3. The turnover of business must be less than Rs. 100 Crores per annum;
  4. Innovation is a must for the business- It should be working towards innovating something new or towards improving the existing technology;
  5. The new business must not be formed after splitting up or reconstruction of any existing business;


Immediately get recognition number

On applying you will immediately get a recognition number for your startup. The certificate of recognition will be issued after the examination of all your documents.

However, in case the required document uploaded/wrong document uploaded or a forged document has been uploaded then you shall be liable to a fine of 50% of your paid-up capital of the startup with a minimum fine of Rs. 25,000.