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Application for Amendment In Registration

Frequently Asked Question

Who are eligible to file an application for amendment in GST registration?

Person eligible to file amendment application:

  • Normal taxpayers and new registrants
  • TDS/TCS Registrants
  • UN Bodies, Embassies & other notified person having UIN
  • Non-Resident Taxable Person
  • GST Practitioner

 Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval Service Provider (OIDAR)

Which form is to be filed for making an application for amendment in registration?

The application for amendment in registration can be made in form GST REG-14

What is the time limit for submission of application for amendment in GST registration?

Application for amendment should be made within 15 days of such modification in particulars of GST registration

Which fields of GST registration cannot be amended?

Application for amendment of registration cannot be filed where there is:

  • Change in PAN
  • Change in constitution of business resulting in change of PAN (like conversion of proprietorship to partnership)
  • Change in place of business from one state to another

Since, GST is PAN based, any amendment requiring change in PAN cannot be filed. In such cases, a fresh application for GST registration is to be made. Similarly, if change in place of business is to be made from one state to another, you are required to surrender current GST registration and make fresh registration in such other state

Can a taxpayer make application for amendment when any previous amendment application for core fields is pending?

Where an application for amendment is under process by GST authorities, you cannot apply for any other amendment in core field till the time of disposal of earlier application by the concerned GST officials